Tom Carignan, RF/CF/ACF

Prudent investors never place an investment without first knowing that vehicle's past performance and future potential. Yet each year thousands of timberland owners do just that. They deploy large sums of capital in long term investments of unknown value. In addition to traditional forestry services we offer growth modeling and financial analysis, allowing clients to compare options based on financial performance before committing capital to a project.

Alabama Forest Owners' Assoc
Alabama Forestry Assoc
American Tree Farm System
Forest Landowners Tax Council
Society of American Foresters
Project Learning Tree

Certified American Tree Farm System Auditor
Registered Forester in AL,GA,MS
Licensed Notary Public in AL
Licensed Pesticide Applicator in AL
Certified Qualified Tree Farm Inspector
Certified SAF Forester
Certified Burner in AL

Contact Tom Carignan, RF/CF/ACF

Contact Tom Carignan, RF/CF/ACF

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