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Water Balance is Building a Foundation for Performance Contracting with the potential to transform the practices employed for over 60% of the water use in the irrigated west.  Decades of experience and research has produced the framework that will provide our clients with a true Win-Win-Win, the heralded triple bottom line so many sustainability management-centric companies are now focused upon.


Water Balance helps ranchers develop certified irrigation system designs for EQIP applications. Since 2003, we have prepared winning application designs for sprinkler systems used on over 3,000 acres of high vaalue value crops. We have also prepared EQIP designs for drip irrigation of pastures. Our newest designs feature wireless soil moisture monitoring, utilizing mesh networks for long-distance, highly robust, extremely cost-effective data acquisition of soil moisture, soil electrical conductivity, and temperature. We are Certified by the Irrigation Association in Ag-Drip Micro Irrigation Design, Registered as a Professional Member with the American Society of Irrigation Consultants, and Registered with the USDA as Technical Service Providers in Water Distribution System Design and Water Management. Our clients include Sundance Farms, Rousseau Farming Company (Pioneer Ranches), Santa Lucia Farms, Duncan Sunfresh Family Farms, Kimley-Horm and Associates, and AMEC Earth and Environmental.

Tom A. Reynolds, Principal, received his MS from ASU in Agribusiness in 1989, and his BS in Ag-Industry in 1979, all during possibly the peak of the “1st Green Revolution.” Given all of the markets and marketing channels, AGRI-BUSINESS, which employes about 25% the American population, is a very noble vocation, regardless of what so many anachronistic interests today (2009) wish to convey. From 1978 to 1983, Tom worked for Chemonics Industries, a division of Arizona Agrichemical Co. as Assistant Agronomist, where he delivered soil moisture, plant and soil nutrition results to producers over 6,000 acres in Maricopa and Pinal Counties. The technique utilizes the neutron probe, and delivered 7-day projects of pending irrigation requirements based upon soil moisture readings from each of 3 upper feet of soil profile. Current and historical pan-evaporation was included in the assessment of predicted consumptive use. Soil moisture sampling occurred twice weekly, and the generated graphs were delivered by hand or by fax within 12 hours of the readings. Typically, one detailed monitoring site was sufficient for 100 to 200 acres. Pre-plant soil testing, along with in-season tissue NO3-N sampling, ususally usually at higher sampling densities, were also provided. Tom's Master's thesis project was titled, "Can Growers Live Within the Law?" This project made use of several years of yield, water, and management practice data collected by the Bureau of Reclamation in the Welton Wellton-Mohawk Valley. The brief conclusions of the thesis were that irrigation scheduling, when utilizing high-quality field monitoring techniques, did not significantly reduce annual water use. However, high-quality irrigation scheduling DID significantly improved improve yields through better irrigation timing. This translated to a higher water use efficiency, a worthy objective in most anyone's book. All of these years as tractor foreman, assistant agronomist, irrigation specialist, irrigation designer, technical service provider and independent consultant bring a very rich background to your ranch, lending decades of experience and out-source potential to your operation.

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