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TITUS COUNTY Texas is old country. The earliest American settling in Texas made it their home. They felled the great trees, plowed bottoms and hills, worked, loved, lived, and died in this ancient land. Before them were the Caddo Indians. The streams and lakes, the endless forest, the warm climate, the bountiful rains, it is a land that beckons.Titus County was created on May 1, 1886. Titus County was named for pioneer resident Andrew Jackson Titus (1814 – 1855). Red mineral springs had always attracted Indians to the area and nearby a great mound became famous among the Caddos. They called it in their language, “Pleasant Mound”. Titus County was, perhaps, the last home of Indians in the Northeast Texas area. Caddo Indians were residents of this area as late as 1845. It grew steadily in the 1800′s. In addition to farming, the economy centered around the large supply of hardwood trees.By the twentieth century, truck farming had become commercially significant. Titus County was “pioneers” in good roads.With the growing popularity of the automobile there had to be better roads. Men were called to do road work for a specified time just as they might be called to jury duty. By 1925 there were seventy miles of improved roads in the county, with over one million dollars spent in their improvement annually. In 1887 a railroad line was built from Mount Pleasant to Sherman, Texas. Some years later, the Paris and Mount Pleasant Railway Company gave the region still another rail outlet. All entered into helping Titus County become the “Hub of Northeast Texas”.During the past fifty years, the county has continued to thrive and expand. Its schools and churches are outstanding; many industries and businesses have helped to give our economy a tremendous boost. The most recent accomplishment by the people of Titus County and the surrounding area was the recent establishment of Northeast Texas Community College, which was an immediate success.

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Contact Titus County

Kenny Rollins
County Extension Agent – Agriculture & Natural Resources
1708 Industrial Road
Mount Pleasant, Texas  75455
Phone: 903.572.0261
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