Throckmorton SWCD

Our Mission

  • The over all objective of the district is to see that a sound up-to-date conservation program is applied to each area in our District.

The Long Range Program of the District will:

  • Encourage every farmer, rancher, and urban citizen to become a conservationists and faithful steward of soil, water, plant, wildlife, and recreation resources for the benefit of all people.
  • Promote sound land and water use within the District.
  • Coordinate all conservation activities from local, state, and federal agencies to provide assistance to landowners and operators.
  • Provide a better total environment for both rural and urban people to live and work in.
  • Provide assistance to local, state, or federal units of government on their planning bodies on the use or interpretation of natural resource data in developing or implementing resource plans.
  • Provide conservation assistance to all land users in the District including urban, rural and non-agricultural landowners.
  • Provide assistance on locating potential pollution sources and promote better methods to prevent all forms of pollution on both agricultural and non-agricultural land.
  • Provide for your people a means by which they may work together in determining a solution to conservation problems.

Contact Throckmorton SWCD

Contact Throckmorton SWCD

PO Box 400
Throckmorton, Texas  76483-0400
Phone: 940-849-5331 ext 3


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Throckmorton County, Texas