Three Rivers Alliance

Our Mission

To sustain vibrant natural and human communities of the Republican River Basin by promoting good stewardship of its land, water and wildlife.

TRA advocates for landowners in the Republican River Basin to help them gain access to resources to remove invasive species, replant vegetation, and protect wild life and plant habitat in riparian and range land areas. TRA members and partners help landowners to apply for government and private grants to serve these purposes.

In addition, TRA is demonstrating its ability to convene important discussions and get people to pull together in the same direction on the same issue; to agree on problems and seek ways to pursue constructive solutions; to find common ground and proceed to solve difficult issues facing our Republican River Basin.

Our Purpose

  • Provide education and information concerning the Republican River Basin.
  • Assist with the science, technology, and resources needed to conserve, preserve and restore range conditions, wildlife habitat, riparian areas and agricultural land in the Basin.
  • Promote good stewardship of the Basin through funding projects and consensus-based partnerships.
  • Promote understanding and respect for the critical role ranching and agriculture play in conservation.


Contact Three Rivers Alliance

Don Andrews
12572 County Road U
Kirk, Colorado  80824
Cell Phone: 719-342-9040


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • Colorado