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Thinking about solar power?
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We have the POWER!
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We have been working with solar power & battery systems for almost Four decades.Thirty Nine Years Experience!!

  • We'll Help you toward your Energy Independent goal.
  • We can evaluate your site for it's maximum solar energy potential.
  • We can help with your dream by providing practical solar power & wind turbine solutions that we have tried and used ourselves.
  • We will design a complete package with all the solar panels and solar & wind energy equipment you will need for trouble free independent living.
  • We can train you to operate your new independent solar power and wind equipment.
  • We are a full service company. We want a real person to consult with you because, we want to be sure that you don't waste your money and that you only buy what you need.
  • We recommend that you talk with us first about your solar power needs. Please use our expertise as a resource.



Contact The Solar Biz

Contact The Solar Biz

Tom Duffy
HC 61
Box 184
Glenwood, New Mexico  88039
Phone: 888-826-0939
Fax: 520-844-8442


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Statewide service provider in:
  • New Mexico