The Farmetta Farm

My hubbie and I have begun to create an eco-grown farm in Midcoast Maine.  At this moment in time, we have sheep, pits, chickens, ducks, bees and a beautiful garden.

We raise our animals with commitment to their health and wellbeing, because of that commitment we create an atmosphere as close to wild habitat as possible. For instance our ducks are free range having access to a small pond and marshy areas for foraging, plus fields and our lawn to eat till there hearts and belly’s are content.

The sheep are Katadin crosses bred for their good mothering skills and meat production, we’re starting with just a couple of ewes (Hot lips and Bossy) and their four lambs, we rotate them onto new pasture every few days, once the flock is done grazing that piece of pasture in come our pigs. Pigs are great for rooting and digging for grubs and other bugs hiding in the dirt, they have a keen sense of smell and enjoy searching for all those tasty treats. Perfect for cleaning up our old pasture or any tree line that needs thinning.

Allowing the animals to naturally be who they are is allowing them to have healthy happy lives that we pass along to you. You can taste the spring water they drink, the fresh air they breath, the good food they eat when you buy any of our Farmetta Farm meats.

At Farmetta we use no hormones, no antibiotics, only natural, healthy, locally raised meat.

Contact The Farmetta Farm

Contact The Farmetta Farm

Rose Rapp
72 Rowe Hill Rd.
Morrill, Maine  04952


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