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The Energy Junction, LLC is passionately committed to providing clean energy alternatives to individuals and businesses. We are Your Bridge to a Clean Energy Frontier ... One Homestead at a Time!

Our eco-products are now available for sale online in the U.S. on our website, as well as in our store in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. These products help to create a healthy and efficient home and office. And, by reducing energy usage and shrinking your carbon footprint you are able to save money on utility bills!

We support the health and vitality of the Ohio community by offering services that support the state's commitment to increase its sustainable energy sources. Would you like an energy assessment to reduce your energy consumption? Let us know your goals, and we'll create a realistic action plan ... for inside or outside of your home or business. It could be as simple as purchasing conservation and energy efficiency products. Or it could be bigger in scope with the installation of residential solar energy, residential wind turbines, commercial solar energy, or commercial wind turbines. We can install these residential and commercial-scale systems at your home or office.

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Contact The Energy Junction

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