Texas Department of Agriculture

The Texas Legislature established the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) in 1907. The agency's key objectives are to promote production agriculture, consumer protection, economic development and healthy living. The agriculture commissioner oversees the agency and is elected every four years. The current commissioner, Todd Staples, was first elected in 2006 and re-elected to a second term in 2010.

TDA is a diversified state agency that provides value-added services through our regulatory and marketing and initiatives. TDA is headquartered in Austin and has five regional service offices, two sub-offices, three laboratories and five livestock export facilities.


TDA’s mission is to partner with all Texans to make Texas the nation's leader in agriculture, fortify our economy, empower rural communities, promote healthy lifestyles, and cultivate winning strategies for rural, suburban and urban Texas through exceptional service and the common threads of agriculture in our daily lives.

Mailing Address:                

P.O. Box 12847
Austin TX 78711-2847
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Contact Texas Department of Agriculture

Contact Texas Department of Agriculture

Todd Staples
1700 N. Congress
11th Floor
Austin, Texas  78701
Phone: (512) 463-7476
Toll Free: (800) TELL-TDA (835-5832)
Fax: (888) 223-8861


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