Texas Conservation Connection (TCC)

Texas Conservation Connection (TCC) is all about connecting Texans and their heritage. We’re your source, whether you’re

  • buying or selling land
  • donating a conservation easement
  • seeking help in finding citizen support and funding sources for parks and trails, or
  • providing training and education to landowners and professionals engaged in long-term conservation planning and implementation.

Co-founders Carolyn Vogel and Cynthia Inman have more than 58 years of combined experience in real estate, resource management, park operations and conservation, and they’re putting it all to use when it comes to helping you accomplish your goals.

We’ll help qualified landowners use conservation easements as a tool to conserve land for the long-tern, exploring their potential tax benefits. We’ll also serve as a link between buyers and sellers of conservation real estate, and assist clients in securing funding resources.

Lastly, conservation financing is a crucial part of ensuring that the state’s land, habitat and parks will be preserved for future generations… all that Texans cherish in their wide open spaces… This is the heritage we wish to pass along.

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Contact Texas Conservation Connection (TCC)

Contact Texas Conservation Connection (TCC)

Carolyn Vogel and Cynthia Inman
6142 Jumano Lane
Austin, Texas  78749
Phone: 512.633.4995


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Statewide service provider in:
  • Texas