Terrebonne Parish Extension
Terrebonne, which means “Good Earth”, has an abundance of seafood, wildlife and natural resources. Known for our endless bayous, dark-water swamps, red crawfish, and food festivals, Terrebonne Parish is a unique part of “Cajun Country”.  It is composed of low flat land with a topography varying from prairies and wooded areas about 12’ above sea level in the northern part, to bayous, lakes and salt marshes in the southern section. Oil and gas are the primary source of revenue. Oyster, shrimp, crabs, and fish are the major seafood contributors to the economy. Sugarcane, cattle, citrus and vegetables are the major agronomic crops in the parish.

Agriculture & Natural Resources

Terrebonne Parish has the second-largest land area in the state. It is rich in oil and gas, seafood and agriculture.

LSU agents and Sea Grant fisheries agents provide educational programs and materials to the population in the parish.

Programs include sugarcane field day in conjunction with the USDA Sugarcane Research Station, weekly news column in local papers, vegetable field day in conjunction with the Master Gardeners and USDA Sugarcane Station provides vegetables to the local food bank, yearly Master Gardener classes trains individuals who give 40 hours of service to the community. Agents also conduct tree plantings and educational programs throughout the area on various horticulture-related topics.

Fisheries agents conducted a very successful “Louisiana Fisheries Summit” for the commercial fishing and seafood industry. This was a two-day event with over 200 commercial fishermen, seafood dealers and processors who were able to learn about the latest updates in the industry, technologies and programs concerning the Louisiana commercial fishing and seafood industry.

Successful crawfish and wildlife seminars were also conducted to educate clients on production and predator control.

Contact Terrebonne Parish Extension

Contact Terrebonne Parish Extension

Bennett Joffrion
Extension Agent
PO BOX 627
HOUMA, Louisiana  70361-0627
Phone: 985/873-6495
Fax: 985/850-4620


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