Teller-Park Conservation District

The Teller-Park Conservation District (TPCD) was established in 1942 according to the Soil Conservation Law in Colorado. The TPCD is comprised of private, State, and Federal lands and includes rangeland, non-irrigated pastureland,and irrigated hayland as well as recreational, urban, and mined lands.

As one of 3000 conservation districts nationwide, and one of 76 conservation districts in Colorado, the Teller-Park Conservation District helps people to conserve land, water, forests, wildlife habitat, and related natural resources. We share a single mission to coordinate assistance  from public, private, local, state, and federal resources to develop locally-driven solutions for natural resource concerns.

Education is a vital part of our mission. We participate  in local events and conduct workshop, talking to folks about conservation topics, native grasses and weeds. We also provide education programs for schools in both counties. Stop by our office for more information and to purchase custom seed mixes for nature pasture, grasses, and wildflowers--seed mixes specific to our altitude and growing conditions!

Contact Teller-Park Conservation District

Contact Teller-Park Conservation District

Marisa Neuzil
District Manager
800 Research Drive
Suite 160
Woodland Park, Colorado  80866
Phone: (719) 686-9405 x 104
Fax: (719) 686-9403


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Teller County, Colorado