Ted Hitzroth

Mr. Hitzroth is responsible for the company's mapping and GIS services. His is a Certified GIS Professional (GISP). His professional specialties include spatial data analysis, map design and production, data collection and digitizing, database updating and maintenance, systems design, and project management. Since earning a degree in Geography from Central Washington University (1979), he has acquired 26 years of experience as a GIS analyst and cartographer. He has extensive experience using a variety of GIS, CAD, and graphics software including ArcGIS, Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, Arc/Info, ArcView, and AutoCAD.

His accomplishments include the design and construction of vegetation cover mapping on over 40 million acres of land along with planimetric mapping of roads, hydrography and legal boundaries; Managing GIS Support for seventeen Watershed Administrative Unit Analyses in Washington and Oregon covering over 500,000 acres; GIS evaluation of the existing stream temperature nomograph in Eastern Washington State; GIS support for conservation and land-use planning in the Northern Mariana Islands; Construction of a GIS database of elk and deer habitat on 150,000 acres in the central Washington Cascade Mountains; GIS map production supporting stream corridor timber buffer studies located throughout Southeast Alaska; Development of riparian condition and land use/land cover mapping for King County, WA. He is the co-author responsible for the maps in two editions of the "Pacific Northwest Trail Guide", Sasquatch Books, Seattle, WA, published in 2001. Ted Hitzroth 

International Forestry Consultants, Inc. (INFO) offers a comprehensive range of professional forestry, mapping, and arboricultural services. We assist clients concerned with the management, acquisition, utilization, and protection of forest resources. Our clients include large and small private land owners, conservation organizations, and government agencies. With its wide range of technical expertise, INFO handles complex natural resource projects from start to finish. A sampling of services provided to clients include:

Forest Management

  • Forest management administration and planning
  • Assistance with state and local forest practices permitting and compliance
  • Timberland acquisition feasibility studies

Inventory and Appraisal

  • Timber cruise design and implementation
  • Timber appraisals


  • Urban tree protection plans and management
  • Tree and understory plant inventories including invasive species
  • Appraisal of urban tree damage and loss
  • Litigation assistance

Mapping and GIS

  • Forest and habitat mapping
  • Aerial photo interpretation
  • Geographic information system database development and analysis

INFO is committed to the sustainable management, use and development of forest resources and the protection of trees in the urban environment.

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American Society of Consulting Arborists
International Society of Arboriculture
Society of American Foresters

Certified Arborist in WA
Certified Forester in WA
Certified Qualified Tree Farm Inspector in WA
Licensed Real Estate Broker in WA
Certified SAF Forester

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Contact Ted Hitzroth

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