Ted DeVos

Bach and DeVos Forestry and Wildlife Services is a full service land management consulting company. We specialize in integrating timber/wildlife management, aesthetics, and recreation into the land management goals of the landowner. We provide services to both government and non-government entities as well as private landowners, trusts and commercial operations. Primary concentrations include forestry consulting, wildlife consulting (both game and non-game management), environmental resource issue management, GPS/GIS/Mapping, timber appraisals, land clearing, prescribed burning, reforestation, natural resource management plans, real estate sales and real estate development services. We have management involvement in well over 100,000 acres in Alabama.


Contact Ted DeVos

Contact Ted DeVos

Bach and DeVos Forestry and Wildlife Services
4157 Carmichael Rd
Montgomery, Alabama  36106
Phone: (334)269-2224
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