Ted Berg, Esq.

Ted Berg, Esq. is the Senior Exchange Counsel for the Reston, VA office of ES Group.

ES Group is a Qualified Intermediary pursuant to Internal Revenue Code §1031.  ES Group corresponds with each client's attorney and/or tax advisor and forwards legal documentation, as requested, so that the Internal Revenue Code §1031 rules and regulations are thoroughly understood. ES Group prepares the necessary documentation- Exchange Agreements, Assignment Agreements, Notice of Assignments, and oversees each closing to assist in proper §1031 procedures. ES Group provides guidance, information and critical timelines throughout the entire exchange.

ES Group Advantages

  • Customized banking options for your 1031 exchange deposit(s)
  • Fully FDIC-Insured exchange accounts available
  • In-depth 1031 exchange experience
  • Access to qualified tax and real estate professionals
  • Licensed Attorney reviewing every exchange agreement
  • Replacement Property Research
  • 30 years cumulative industry experience

Exchange Types

  • Standard Deferred Exchanges
  • Build-To-Suit Exchanges
  • Construction/Improvement Exchanges
  • Reverse Exchanges
  • Non-Safe Harbor Exchanges

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Contact Ted Berg, Esq.

Contact Ted Berg, Esq.

ES Group
Senior Exchange Counsel
4600 West Cypress Street
Suite 110
Tampa, Florida  33607
Phone: (941) 779-7663
Toll Free: (800) 770-5479


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • Florida