Teatown Lake Reservation, Inc.

We work with private land owners in our area to help protect their property for the future. We will assist with conservation easements and other land protection methods and have formed partnerships with local, Westchester County and New York State government agencies as well as other non-profit agencies to assist with protection efforts. We also work to connect wildlife corridors and hiking trails to protected open space and are working with the same government agencies mentioned above and other non-profit organizations to create a continuous 150-mile trail system linking open space in our region to the Hudson River.

Within this target area, Teatown has identified key properties that include over 1,300 acres, which either abut Teatown Lake Reservation or provide key open space linkages.  Presently, we are attempting to protect those properties through acquisition, conservation easement or other available options. Outright acquisition of land in this area of concern is too costly for Teatown to undertake through its own financial resources. As a result, we are taking the following steps to become more involved with ongoing land conservation efforts and promote new ones:

  • Forming alliances with other land conservation agencies, including private non-profits (the Trust for Public Land, Open Space Institute, Scenic Hudson, Mianus River Gorge Preserve, and Westchester Land Trust), public agencies (the Westchester County Department of Planning and Department of Parks, Recreation & Conservation, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, New York City Department of Environmental Protection), and local municipalities.  
  • Pursuing grants from foundations who support land conservation, as well as applying for grants from the New York State Environmental Protection Fund, leveraging our funds to bring money from New York State, Westchester County, and other regional land protection organizations. 

  • Land conservation education and assistance:  Teatown provides assistance to local government officials and civic leaders in crafting solutions to local environmental issues.  We are particularly proud of our support to north county townships that have preserved land as open space and passed open space initiatives.

  • Local stewardship: As a regional environment organization, Teatown has served as a steward for landowners who want to preserve their property for future generations, as well as helping increase the open space in the area. Teatown will assist landowners in establishing conservation easements.
  • Northern Westchester Long Path: Spearheading the formation of a public-use 150-mile trail system, in conjunction with the Westchester County Departments of Planning and Parks, Recreation & Conservation; the New York City Department of Environmental Protection; and local municipalities. This Northern Westchester Long Path will link Teatown with New York State, Westchester County and New York City watershed properties and trails, with a connection to the Hudson River. 

If you would like more information on Teatown's land protection or biodiversity conservation efforts or to discuss ways to protect your property, contact Dr. Fred Koontz, Executive Director, at (914) 762-2912 ext.116 or fkoontz@teatown.org.

Contact Teatown Lake Reservation, Inc.

Contact Teatown Lake Reservation, Inc.

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Executive Director
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