Teaneck Creek Conservancy

The Teaneck Creek Conservancy is a member-supported, non profit organization dedicated to the reclamation and protection of the environmental, cultural, and historical legacy of the Teaneck Creek watershed.

In 2001 an eclectic group of environmentalists, artists, and educators joined forces with the Puffin Foundation to rescue a small parcel of land in the southern most portion of Teaneck. Once a staging ground for the construction of the intersection of Routes 80 and 95, the land had been an unofficial dumpsite for nearly half a century. Refrigerators and old tires lay half-buried under mountains of broken concrete and asphalt.

Working with community leaders and the Bergen County Parks Department the founding team crafted a restoration plan driven by their passion to see something else for this humbled parcel of land. In 2006, after hundreds of hours of community meetings and thousands of hours of sweat equity, the Teaneck Creek Park emerged with over 1.3 miles of groomed trails, an Outdoor Classroom, and ecological art exhibits that make this oasis unlike any other.

Contact Teaneck Creek Conservancy

Contact Teaneck Creek Conservancy

Alexa Marques
Executive Director
20 Puffin Way
Teaneck, New Jersey  07666
Phone: (201) 836-2403
Fax: (201) 836-1734


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  • Bergen County, New Jersey