Sustainable Innovations


What can we help you Achieve?

  • Resource Recovery
    • Maximize the use of resources before they become wastes
  • Sustainable Packaging
    • Convert to renewable resources to promote asset diversion 
  • Energy Conservation
    • Enhance efficient use of energy and other utilities.
  • Waste Minimization
    • Perform an in-depth assessment of your resource utilization.
  • Determine Your Carbon Footprint
    • Evaluate your company's carbon footprint and plan for improvements.
  • Emission Reduction Credits
    • Trade Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs) on the international market.
  • Company Representation
    • Promote your accomplishments with our proven PR assistance
  • Environmental Awards
    • Implement programs that garner public support & environmental accolades.

What Services do we offer?

  • Assessment
    • Evaluate all aspects of your business from an enviro-business vantage.
  • Planning
    • Analyze unique business situations & development solutions.
  • Training
    • Educate personnel in current best practices & current enviro-programs.
  • Project Justification
    • Provide relevant evidence for proposed changes to business practices.
  • Negotiation w/ Suppliers & Vendors
    • Every resource has a fluctuating market value which can be negotiated.
  • Project Management
    • Control and direction for all of your resource management issues.
  • Presentation & Reporting
    • Communications for all aspects of your enviro-sensitive issues.
  • Communications
    • Enhancing your communications with staff, regulators, environmental groups and the media


Contact Sustainable Innovations

John Bernardo
410 E. Parkway Dr
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Cell Phone: 208-695-9096


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • Idaho