Survivorship Now LLC

Kristi Curry, the founder of Survivorship Now LLC, started this business after a conversation with her mother made her realize that her parents’ financial and estate plans weren’t enough to help her know what to do if her parents became incapacitated or passed away.

After that conversation she started creating plans for other family members and then for friends. With each plan, Curry discovered numerous pitfalls with the way people had things set up and it gave her a lot of satisfaction to help people avoid those mistakes.

In January 2006, Curry hung a shingle over the door of the office on 6th Street in Austin and the fun began! Curry's foundation is 'Now and Then' planning, which is a proven, step-by-step process for documenting the critical details and decisions about your life.

The “Now and Then” Planning process is designed to guide you, step-by-step, through creating your plan and is flexible to cover your unique situation. One-size-fits-all software or books tend to gather dust on a shelf because people will start their documentation but not complete it when they get confused or overwhelmed.

Services Include:
-Video tutorials
-Monthly Q&A calls
-1:1 Consulting

Areas Covered:

-Contingency Planning, where you document everything that is unique about your life and your household. It’s a mental and physical walk-through of your life which will capture details you may not have considered but will make a huge difference for your loved ones to know.

-Inventory – we have a unique way to easily capture and document your most valued and valuable possessions. Most information is stored online in the 'cloud'.

Contact Survivorship Now LLC

Contact Survivorship Now LLC

Kristi Curry
1613 W. 6th Street
Suite D
Austin, Texas  78703
Phone: (512)771-8530


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