Surface Water Improvement Fund

Ohio EPA is soliciting proposals for grants awarded from the newly established Surface Water Improvement Fund (SWIF). Grants up to 150,000 dollars each will be awarded to various local organizations for the implementation of specific projects that address nonpoint source pollution and/or stormwater runoff and result in water quality improvement in Ohio’s streams, rivers and lakes. Grants will be awarded for a two year term – as a result, it is anticipated that most awards will be made for single site-specific projects.


Eligible Applicants:
· Local municipalities, counties and townships

County park districts

· Soil & water conservation districts
City and/or county health departments
· 501 (c)(3) nonprofit conservation groups with land management responsibilities
· Watershed groups (with local government sponsorship)
· State agencies with land managing responsibilities;
· Recognized land conservancies or trusts.

Eligible Projects:
· Stream Restoration and renaturalization
· Riparian restoration and protection
· Wetland restoration and protection
· Innovative stormwater demonstration
· Inland lake management and restoration
· Highly targeted agricultural BMP demonstration projects
· Replacement or repair of on-site home sewage treatment systems

2010 SWIF Grant Application Materials

Request for Proposals

Grant Application Forms


The deadline for submitting SWIF grant applications is close of business February 15, 2010. Applications must be complete and postmarked by the above date to be considered for funding. Applications postmarked (or hand-delivered) after this date will be returned to the applicant without further consideration.

Please submit three (3) copies of the complete application with original (blue ink) signatures and one (1) copy of the application in Microsoft Word format on a CD. Completed applications may be mailed or delivered to:

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
Division of Surface Water
Attn: Russ Gibson, NPS Program Manager
50 West Town St., Ste 700
Columbus, OH 43216-1049 


Contact Surface Water Improvement Fund

Contact Surface Water Improvement Fund

Russ Gibson
Nonpoint Source Section Manager
Ohio EPA, Division of Surface Water
50 West Town Street, Suite 700
P.O. Box 1049
Columbus, Ohio  43216
Phone: (614) 644-2020
Fax: (614) 644-2745


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