Stewardship Network

The Stewardship Network connects, equips and mobilizes people and organizations, and helps build their capacity to preserve, restore, and manage their natural lands and waters. Since its inception, the Network has collaborated with nonprofits large and small, governmental agencies and units, private business, and dedicated individuals to achieve that goal.

The Stewardship Network connects a broad range of groups, rallies volunteers, and fills the gaps in today's conservation and preservation efforts. Every day, we're out on the land -- making connections, providing hands-on training, building relationships, sharing tools, and passing along new information. Why? So that the many groups and individuals that protect our natural areas can become even stronger and more effective.

Contact Stewardship Network

Contact Stewardship Network

Lisa Brush
Executive Director
416 Longshore Drive
Ann Arbor, Michigan  48105
Phone: 734-996-3190
Fax: 734-996-5595


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Statewide service provider in:
  • Michigan

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Stewardship Network
By creating grassroots conservation communities, the Network increases capacity to care for natural lands and waters so that the sum of natural areas protection is greater than its parts.