Steven Templin

Templin Forestry, Inc. is a company with the purpose of providing comprehensive forest management services to the general public.   We are dedicated to providing forestry related services to landowners in a manner that is honest, ethical, and reliable.  We know that if we do this at all times, we will prosper as an organization.

Our goals include providing proficient technical expertise in general forestry matters.  We achieve this through the consistent application of forestry techniques based on the biological sciences and business disciplines.  We are process oriented in all we do.  This focuses attention on the manner in which things are done.  We have a sustained commitment to continuing education, and are active participation in various associations and organizations related to the forestry, appraisal, and real estate professions.

Contact Steven Templin

Contact Steven Templin

Templin Forestry, Inc.
2022 N MacArthur Drive
Alexandria, Louisiana  71303
Phone: (318) 445-5566
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