Steven J. Vuyovich

Mr. Vuyovich has the legal and practical experience that is necessary to provide workable solutions to his clients' challenges. As a ranch owner and former operator of a commercial cattle operation in eastern Oregon, he has a hands-on understanding of the critical land and water issues that are similar to those faced by many of his clients throughout the West. He counsels a diversity of clients in environmental, energy, and natural resources law, with an emphasis on water law. He helps clients to acquire and protect water rights, a valuable natural resource in the West, in order to assist clients achieve their business goals.

Mr. Vuyovich has a deep understanding of the Prior Appropriation Doctrine of “first in time, first in right” that governs water rights law in the western United States. He routinely assists agricultural water users, irrigation companies, electrical utilities, public water suppliers, water conservancy districts, resort owners, developers, and financial institutions, as well as oil and gas, mining, and aggregate materials companies, among others. He counsels clients on evaluating, buying, selling, and transferring water rights; changing water use rights, from agricultural to commercial, industrial, domestic, and municipal uses; and protecting water rights from possible loss resulting from forfeiture or abandonment.

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