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The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust celebrates and protects wild animals by creating permanent sanctuaries, preserving and enhancing natural habitat and confronting cruelty.


Land owners who have property that provides valuable wildlife habitat know that such lands are rapidly disappearing to development and other exploitative uses. Refusing to sell to those who would destroy the land is an admirable, but temporary, defense against unwanted changes to the land and disruption or destruction to the wildlife it harbors. Permanent protection of both land and wildlife is possible, though, and that is what the Wildlife Land Trust enables landowners to achieve.

In order to expand the scope of HSWLT’s influence and effectiveness for the benefit of wildlife, we frequently share funds, expertise and HSWLT’s humane philosophy with other organizations. All HSWLT partnerships are rooted in our commitment to providing wildlife with safe places to live, forever.

Contact Stephen Swartz

Contact Stephen Swartz

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