Stephan Tomlinson
Natural Resources Group, Inc. can trace its roots back to 1954 when Charles Tomlinson started a small forestry consulting firm in northwest Alabama. Forest management was in its infancy and landowners had few markets for their timber. Consequently it had relatively low value and only the most progressive landowners were spending money to improve their resources. Over the next 20 years as more markets developed, the demand for timber increased and so did its value. The consulting business grew as more landowners saw the potential in owning timberland. By the mid-1990's, the business that had come to be known as Tomlinson & Associates was actively managing thousands of acres of land for both small and large landowners. These owners, seeing the potential for a return on investment, were now spending money to manage, improve, and protect their natural resources when only a few decades before they looked upon the land as simply "holding the world together".

In 1997, Charles' son, Stephan, took over as President of Tomlinson & Associates and continued providing management and consulting services to forest landowners. In 2001, in response to requests for real estate and appraisal services, Tomlinson & Associates was merged into Natural Resources Group, Inc., and the business expanded to meet these needs. In 2008, Growing Assets, LLC was formed to consolidate the management and appraisal services into one company, allowing Natural Resources Group, Inc. to focus solely on real estate brokerage for clients.

The landscape has changed over the years, but the principals of honesty, integrity, and "mutual trade for mutual benefit" that have guided this company for over 50 years remain unchanged.

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Contact Stephan Tomlinson

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