Star Valley Conservation District


Star Valley Conservation District was organized on December 3, 1941 by the farmers and ranchers of Star Valley to deal with their agricultural problems efficiently, collectively and according to a plan. It was the purpose of these people to develop and improve the agriculture of Star Valley so that future generations might enjoy the same opportunities and inherit their land in as good, or better condition than it was when the valley was first settled.

Individuals had been attempting to improve their lands and irrigation systems, but individually and unassisted it was a difficult, or impossible task. The farmers and ranchers within the District felt that under the Soil & Water Conservation District, with technical assistance from the USDA-Soil Conservation Service, they could work together and obtain the assistance they needed to work out their problems and improve their agriculture.

Since the organization date of Star Valley Conservation District, sixty-one dedicated ranchers and area residents have served as District Supervisors over the past sixty years. Star Valley Conservation District's first board of supervisors was elected in March of 1942.

The District covers all of North Lincoln County and serves part of Bonneville and Caribou Counties, Idaho that lie in the valley. The District lies between the Bridger-Teton and Caribou National Forests.  

Contact Star Valley Conservation District

Contact Star Valley Conservation District

Brenda Ashworth
District Manager
61 E. 5th Avenue
PO Box 216
Afton, Wyoming  83110
Phone: (307) 886-9001
Fax: (307) 886-3744


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Lincoln County, Wyoming