St Joseph Conservation District

The St. Joseph County Conservation District was established in 1948 to assist farmers in creating soil & water conservation plans. Since then the Conservation District has grown to include all stakeholders within the county. The focus is still agriculture & working with farmers to create conservation plans, but we also work with partner organizations to ensure the county's largest natural resource, water, remains a viable resource.

Guided by a volunteer board of five members and paid staff the Conservation District works with partners to promote ground and surface water practices, irrigation services, sustainable agriculture practices, education, environmental stewardship and community projects.

The Conservation District is able to provide this assistance with community support through volunteers and financial assistance. Throughout the year the Conservation District hosts several fundraising events including the annual tree sale, annual meeting and a local foods dinner.

Contact St Joseph Conservation District

Contact St Joseph Conservation District

Carolyn Grace
693 East Main Street
Centreville, Michigan  49032-9603
Phone: (269) 467-6336
Fax: (269) 467-4356


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Services provided in:
  • Saint Joseph County, Michigan