Sportsman's Alliance of Maine

The Sportsman's Alliance of Maine is Maine's largest sportsman's organization with a headquarters/conference center and full-time staff at 205 Church Hill Road in Augusta and a 12-member Board of Directors. Organized in 1975, SAM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes, among which are the following:

  1. To develop and provide information on wildlife resources, field sports and conservation programs that will benefit such resources, sports and programs.
  2. To educate the public concerning the American heritage of hunting, trapping and fishing.
  3. To initiate and participate in litigation in the courts when necessary to protect the beneficial pursuits of hunting, trapping, fishing and scientific wildlife management practices.
  4. To promote and explain field sports, wildlife conservation and scientific wildlife management practices through literature, films, the press, television and radio.
  5. To provide organizations throughout the state with financial and management assistance to achieve these purposes.
  6. To acquire and develop moneys to be used for scholarships and awards relative to these purposes.
  7. To defend and protect the right of individuals to keep, use and bear firearms.
  8. To do any and all things that are necessary for, or incident to, the purposes herinafter stated.

Contact Sportsman's Alliance of Maine

Contact Sportsman's Alliance of Maine

David Trahan
Executive Director
205 Church Hill Rd.
Augusta, Maine  04330
Phone: (207) 622-4589
Fax: (207) 622-5596


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