Specialty Crop Block Grant Program
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) provided a grant to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) to administer a project that is designed to provide small, competitive grants, in amounts of up to $4,600, to a limited number of Nebraska specialty crop growers for the sole purpose of extending the growing season for specialty crops.

Grant sub-recipients, who will be selected from different areas of the state so as to represent various topographical regions of Nebraska, will receive funding to construct and implement season extension practices on their individual farms. Project funds will help offset the costs of the construction and implementation of innovative practices, such as cold frames, plasticulture, biodegradable mulches, floating row covers, drip irrigation, low tunnels, and/or high tunnels. Other alternative extension practices not specifically listed are also encouraged.

In return for receiving grant dollars, the sub-recipients will be required to disseminate information regarding their use of these techniques to agricultural growers through written reports and farm tours.

Contact Specialty Crop Block Grant Program

Contact Specialty Crop Block Grant Program

Casey Foster
Nebraska Department of Agriculture
P.O. Box 94947
Lincoln, Nebraska  68509
Toll Free: 800-422-6692


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