Southeastern Caves Conservancy

The Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. (SCCi) is a tax-exempt not-for-profit corporation (501-c-3) dedicated to cave conservation, caver education, and cave management. It was formed by a group of southeastern cavers in 1991, and currently has more than 800 members. Membership is open to all persons interested in caves and cave conservation.

to conserve caves to preserve areas of scenic beauty, provide recreational access and opportunities, protect cultural and biological resources, and support scientific research.

One of the SCCi's primary activities is the acquisition of caves through purchase, lease, easement, donation, or management agreements. Potential acquisitions are carefully evaluated. Presence of endangered plants or animals, significant geological and hydrological features, wilderness quality, threats from development or exploitation, and access issues all play a role in the evaluation process. We also work with other organizations to develop educational programs to teach people about the importance and value of cave and karst ecosystems, geology, and hydrology.

Contact Southeastern Caves Conservancy

Contact Southeastern Caves Conservancy

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