Southeast Watershed Forum

The Southeast Watershed Forum is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting communities and organizations to better protect their land and water resources through watershed-friendly growth. The Forum strives to be a regional clearinghouse for successful case studies in watershed protection, restoration and management.

The Forum began its work in 1998 in response to a stated need for a regional clearinghouse on watershed information. It received its nonprofit status in 2000 and is served by a Board of Directors representing the diversity of watershed interests throughout the Southeast.

We seek a future where growth and development are managed to enhance, not degrade the quality of our environment and the quality of life we seek for ourselves and our children.

We believe in helping communities grow and develop in ways that protects out lakes, rivers, streams, groundwater and coastal waters.

We work with decision makers to help them understand the impact of land use on the region’s water quality and quantity.

We believe in a future where all citizens can enjoy their water resources without fear of contamination.

We believe in a future that protects the global diversity of freshwater species unique to our region.
We believe that our farms, forests, rivers, lakes, streams, and coastal waters are a special legacy of the South’s, and that their protection is vital to a prosperous economy and high quality of life.

Contact Southeast Watershed Forum

Contact Southeast Watershed Forum

5201 Kingston Pike
Suite 6-177
Knoxville, Tennessee  37919
Phone: 615-562-1960


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