South Goshen Conservation District

The South Goshen Conservation District (SGCD) is one of 34 districts in Wyoming organized to provide leadership in the wise and sustained use of natural resources. The District has worked to conserve and enhance natural resources in Goshen County since 1953.

Helping People Conserve, Maintain and Improve Their Natural Resources.

To implement this mission, the SGCD will provide leadership necessary to:

  • initiate research
  • promote education
  • develop and implement acceptable policies
  • solicit resources to satisfy programs

The South Goshen Conservation District Board (SGCD) of supervisors believe that effective soil and water conservation is URGENT and will become more urgent and important as land managers and communities take a comprehensive approach to the use and protection of soil, water and related resources in rural, suburban, urban and developing areas. 

Conservation should begin with and be locally led by people in their own communities in cooperation with their neighbors.  The assistance that we as a board provide is based on understanding that the land - the landscape as a whole - must be the focus of conservation.  Using this comprehensive approach will help land function as a living, sustainable system that provides a high standard of living and quality of life today and for generations in the future.


Contact South Goshen Conservation District

Contact South Goshen Conservation District

Denise Lucero
District Assistant
1441 East M
Suite B
Torrington, Wyoming  82240-3512
Phone: (307) 532-4880
Fax: (307) 532-5783


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Goshen County, Wyoming