South Dakota Local Working Group

The purpose of Local Sage-Grouse Working Groups (LWGs) is to develop and facilitate the implementation of local conservation plans for the benefit of the sage-grouse, their habitat, and whenever feasible, other species that use sagebrush habitats. The plans developed by the LWGs will identify management practices and the financial and personnel means to accomplish these practices, within an explicit time frame.

LWGs are comprised of individuals equitably representing local interests including, agriculture, conservation, industry, federal, state, local, and tribal governments. The goal is that by collaborating across all stakeholders, sage-grouse numbers will improve and we can preclude the need to list the species under the Endangered Species Act.

Download the South Dakota Sage Grouse Management Plan

Contact South Dakota Local Working Group

Contact South Dakota Local Working Group

Mary Beth Albrechtsen
Farm Bill Biologist
1835 5th Ave S
Belle Fourche, South Dakota  57717
Phone: (605) 892-3368 x129


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Butte County, South Dakota
  • Fall River County, South Dakota
  • Harding County, South Dakota