South Dakota Association of Conservation Districts

to lead, represent and assist conservation districts in promoting a healthy environment.

Guiding Principles:

  • We work to motivate the officials of conservation districts to full and positive leadership.
  • We aim to strengthen the basic American principle that the function of governments is to serve, not to dominate or control.
  • We seek public assistance for conservation work which is in the public interest and which landowners and land users cannot perform adequately with their own capabilities or authorities.
  • We help provide conservation districts with facilities and suggestions for making their objectives and democratic methods know to their communities.
  • We seek effective support for conservation districts wherever it may be found - in government, industry, labor, and commerce; in farm, civic and conservation organizations; among educators, publishers and clergy; and in all other segments of American Society.
  • We supply reliable information about the purposes and activities of conservation districts to the press, radio, and television; to national, state and local legislative bodies; to organizations and leaders concerned with these purposes and activities.
  • We assist public agencies concerned with the conservation, use and development of renewable natural resources to provide more effective service to the people of our state.

Contact South Dakota Association of Conservation Districts

Contact South Dakota Association of Conservation Districts

Angela Ehlers
Executive Director
116 N Euclid Avenue
Pierre, South Dakota  57501
Phone: 605-895-4099
Toll Free: 800-729-4099
Fax: (605) 895-9424


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • South Dakota

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