South Carolina Wildlife Federation

The Mission of the South Carolina Wildlife Federation is to:
ADVOCATE for wildlife, habitat and the environment,
EDUCATE citizens in the conservation ethic, and
SUPPORT outdoor traditions.
To that end, SCWF plays many roles which include:

  • supporting sound management of all natural resources;
  • reviewing and commenting on agency permit and policy decisions;
  • careful analysis of resource problems in light of public interest;
  • promoting open discussion and developing constructive resource management solutions;
  • encouraging protection of public lands and natural areas for all South Carolinians to experience; and
  • working with individuals, groups, clubs and others with an interest in hunting and fishing to insure that these activities are available for future generations to enjoy. 

Our strong track record of providing sound advice and leadership has forged a place for SCWF within the ranks of decision makers. This has proven to be our greatest challenge and strength. We are repeatedly invited to work with advisory committees, providing a voice of reason and representing a diverse cross-section of outdoor enthusiasts, sportsmen and conservationists alike.
Ongoing development, both industrial and housing, continues to destroy or alter wildlife habitat as South Carolina's human population grows. In an effort to promote the preservation and enhancement of wildlife habitat, we have forged partnerships with the National Wildlife Federation, other conservation organizations, agencies, and environmentally aware businesses. These strategic partnerships have helped us to build a habitats program that serves homeowners, corporate landowners, schools and community groups - building a network of habitats across the state.

Contact South Carolina Wildlife Federation

Contact South Carolina Wildlife Federation

Sara Hummel Rajca
Director, Partnerships & Outreach
215 Pickens St.
Columbia, South Carolina  29205
Phone: 803-256-0670
Fax: 803-256-0690


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Statewide service provider in:
  • South Carolina

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