South Brown Conservation District

to promote Conservation Stewardship in Brown County through education, conservation services, and technical assistance.

Established in 1949, South Brown Conservation District is located in the northeastern part of the state. It consists of the south half of Brown County with approximately 552,000 acres. The topography of the district ranges from flat on the east and south to undulating along the west and northwest. The soils are of glacial origin.The James River and its tributaries drain the area. The eastern portion of the district is drained through Putney Slough and Mud Creek. The area west of the James is drained by the Elm River, Moccasin Creek, Foot Creek, Snake Creek and other smaller tributaries. South Brown Conservation District has sponsored three Watershed Projects, which includes the Moccasin Creek Watershed in 1999, Wylie Pond in 2000 and Richmond Lake in 2003.

Contact South Brown Conservation District

Contact South Brown Conservation District

Dianne Spitzer
District Manager
524 South Enterprise
Suite 300
Aberdeen, South Dakota  57401-0907
Phone: (605) 225-4229
Fax: (605) 225-6433


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  • Brown County, South Dakota