Slow Food RVa

Slow Food RVa is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization which works collaboratively to champion the local foods of central Virginia and their sources, producers and historical traditions.  We welcome volunteers of all ages, skills and backgrounds to join us in developing and staging our programs.

Our mission is to reconnect Greater Richmond area residents with the people, traditions, plants, animals, fertile soils and waters that produce our regional food, thus promoting sustainability and preserving biodiversity.  Through a range of volunteer-led social & educational events and projects, school outreach programs, public awareness-raising activities and advocacy work, we strive to link the pleasure of enjoying fresh, local, seasonal food with a responsible commitment to community and the environment.

Our chapter motto is Celebrate, Educate, Advocate.  Our initial 3-year objectives reflect this as follows:

  • Celebrate:  Community-building through Convivium
    • We are developing a calendar of mixers, pot-lucks, harvest dinners, demonstrations, tastings, tours etc. celebrating the Richmond region's culinary heritage, as well as participating in festivals & regional markets. You may have seen us already at events like Earth Day, Broad Appetit, and Whole Foods Market 5% Community Day. Look for us at farmers' markets around the region too!
  • Educate:  Slow Food in Schools Programs, Youth Education & Participation
    • We will take a targeted, collaborative approach to developing, along with community partners, Slow Food in School projects which will include school gardens, cooking, healthy eating and taste education activities, film screenings, fairs, as well as supporting state Farm to School initiatives. We will work with interested schools both public and private, and hope to instill interest in development of Slow Food on campus chapter(s) at area colleges and universities.
  • Advocate:  Food Policy Advocacy
    • Given our capital city location, we will aim to have local and statewide impact by reaching out to our elected city, state and Congressional representatives to advocate for Slow Food principles, priorities and to advance Slow Food USA national campaign objectives.  We will work to keep the Richmond community informed of the latest food policy decisions, and help you voice your support for good food legislation.

Contact Slow Food RVa

Contact Slow Food RVa

John Haddad
Richmond, Virginia


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  • Richmond City County, Virginia