Shirey Bay Rainey Brake Wildlife Management Area
The Shirey Bay-Rainey Brake WMA encompasses approximately 11,000 acres. The majority of the WMA approximately 8,000 acres, is located on the west side of Black River and is known as the Rainey Brake portion. Approximately 3,000 acres lies on the east side of Black River and is known as the Shirey Bay portion. The area contains diverse upland and bottomland topography offering excellent waterfowl, deer, turkey, squirrel, rabbit, and raccoon hunting. The area also provides excellent fishing and primitive camping opportunities for sportsmen. There are 6 moist soil units, totaling 150 acres, and are managed to promote the natural production of wetland type vegetation. Approximately 54 acres in food plots are planted annually to benefit deer, turkey, and other wildlife species. Control burning is performed each year to control unwanted vegetation and to stimulate plant regeneration. Timber harvests are conducted periodically to promote regeneration of desirable woody vegetation. The area is used by many non-hunters as a great place to view wildlife and plant species native to the bottomland hardwood forest.
Camping is permitted in designated areas only. Many primitive campsites are on both sides of the area. Mosquitoes and biting flies are a major nuisance to campers during warm weather. Large numbers of campers occupy the campsites every fall at the beginning of squirrel season. Campers enjoy the combination of squirrel hunting and fishing in the area lakes or in Black River

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