Shelli Bischoff

What We Bring

Conservation Impact cares about land, water, and resource sustainability and about plants and animals, endangered species, and biodiversity.


We serve nonprofits and public agencies dedicated to environmental quality and natural resource protection.


We care deeply about our clients’ ability to make a difference in our environment and communities.

Individualized and Customized Services

We address each client’s unique situation while bringing experience with similar organizations nationwide.

Strategic Expertise with Attention to Detail

We work at the highest level of strategic decision-making and also provide the detail needed for successful implementation.

Ongoing Partnership

We maintain relationships with our clients to support individual development and organizational effectiveness.

Meaningful Products and Outcomes

We create useful products and ensure that our clients realize specific results towards their missions.

Shelli Bischoff

30 years working with nonprofits; management, technical assistance, and consulting; adjunct faculty in nonprofit management.


  • Founded and manages Conservation Impact and Nonprofit Impact for past 15 years.
  • Consulted with more than 1,000 nonprofits and public agencies nationwide, and in Canada and the Philippines.
  • Started and managed two revenue generating enterprises of nonprofit institutions.
  • Started and managed Colorado’s fourteen Small Business Development Centers.
  • Authored several nonprofit management, marketing, and organizational development articles.
  • Invited speaker and trainer at national conferences and leadership institutes.


  • Master’s of Public Administration with Nonprofit Emphasis, University of Colorado at Denver
  • Bachelor’s of Arts, Environmental Conservation, University of Colorado at Denver

Shelli's Strengths

  • Strategic thinking, getting to the core issues, creating practical solutions, and inspiring clients to be stronger than they could have imagined.

Shelli's Interests

  • Making organizations potent and impactful.
  • All aspects of organizational development and how organizations do their work.
  • Generational cohort data and information and how it applies to nonprofit marketing.

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Contact Shelli Bischoff

Conservation Impact
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Statewide service provider in:
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