Seventh Generation Institute

Seventh Generation Institute is a nonprofit conservation organization based in Santa Fe NM. The Institute works with private landowners to restore stream corridors and plan for climate change impacts. The Institute is employing a novel approach to stream corridor restoration - reintroduction of beaver.

As a conservation biologist, Cathryn has worked extensively in protected area planning and management, completing management plans in both terrestrial and marine ecosystems. All of her projects have incorporated community collaboration and sustainable use.

In addition to her expertise in protected areas, she has completed technical planning for restoration projects, ecotourism projects and habitat acquisitions. She has worked in Colombia, Honduras, St. Kitts, New Mexico, California, and Idaho. 

Cathryn is a member of the Commission for Ecosystem Management of the IUCN, the Society for  Ecological Restoration and the Society for Conservation Biology.  She holds an M.S. in environmental management from the University of California at Santa Barbara and B.S. in Agriculture from the University of California at Davis.

Contact Seventh Generation Institute

Contact Seventh Generation Institute

Cathryn Wild
Science and Stewardship Director
P.O. Box 31698
Santa Fe, New Mexico  87594
Phone: (505) 216-1150


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