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Seven Islands Land Company is an eighth generation land company which owns and manages 1.2 million acres of sustainable Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified timber in northern Maine. Seven Islands subsidiaries manage forests for other owners, operate a sawmill and sell a full line of FSC certified hardwood flooring.

Seven Islands Land Company’s long-term forest management objective is a well-structured forest for faster growth of high quality species.

Seven Islands Land Company is a full-service forest management company based in Bangor, Maine. Established in 1964 by the Pingree family, Seven Islands administers and oversees the day-to-day management of the 815,000 acres of timberlands owned by the Pingree family heirs. The Pingree timberlands are described as follows in the Seven Islands management plan:

“The ownership history of the lands managed by Seven Islands Land Company starts in 1841with David Pingree. Maine had recently become a state, having previously been part of Massachusetts. The area that is now Northern Maine had been divided into six-mile square townships and was being sold at auction. The land was purchased in the traditions of seafaring captains who dared not shoulder all of the risk associated with a ship and its cargo. Instead, groups pooled their resources and purchased land to be held “in-common-and-undivided.” This ownership form spread the risk of natural disaster, so that no single owner would be ruined by a disastrous fire or outbreak of insect or disease.

“Around the turn of the twentieth century, some of the traditional family ownerships were sold to corporations that used the land to supply lumber and paper mills. The Pingree family maintained its ownership and became an “in-common-and-undivided” partner with these corporations. Over the decades, the family’s conservative approach to forest management began to conflict with some of the corporate objectives. The family orchestrated a separation of ownerships during the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s until it had consolidated the ownership into 100% owned blocks, all under central management. From over two million acres of joint ownership, there emerged just under 1 million acres owned outright. Beginning in 2004, two branches of the Pingree Family, Phillips and Wheatlands, further separated ownership interests within the Northern Maine lands, selling lands in the Top of Maine to a timber investment company. Although these lands are still managed by a Seven Islands Land Company subsidiary company, they are no longer part of the Pingree forest.

“The Pingree family formed Seven Islands Land Company to professionalize management of the land. The name comes from at least three separate clusters of islands on different rivers all within the ownership. The best known of these was, in river driving days, a major logging support farm on the St. John River.

“In 1990, the Pingree family deeded over 5,000 acres to the Nature Conservancy for the Big Reed Forest Reserve. In 2001, the family partnered with the New England Forestry Foundation to protect approximately 80 percent of the Pingree forest from development, while continuing the focus on keeping the timberlands productive. Seven Islands has also pioneered cooperative management agreements with the State of Maine and other landowners to protect valuable wildlife habitat such as deeryards, heron rookeries, falcon and eagle nesting sites, and unique natural areas for rare and endangered species such as the Furbish lousewort. We support and encourage research projects such as the Manomet’s study of migratory bird populations in selectively managed forests currently being conducted in our forest. The forest lands are open to the public for traditional recreational use.”

For more information on Pingree family forestry operations, see the Maine Woods Company sawmill, the Orion Timberlands company which manages forests for other owners, and MooseWood Millworks which sells Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified hardwood flooring.

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Contact Seven Islands Land Company

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