SENC Foods Processing & Distribution Center

FEASTDOWNEAST is an initiative established to create a fully integrated local food system.

What does that mean, exactly? We help small and limited resource farmers gain access to markets such as restaurants, grocers, schools and hospitals, which means we shorten the distance between the farm and your fork.

And how do we do this?

The SENCFS Program creates projects that provide the link between farmer and buyer, such as the Farm-to-Chef Program, where farmers and chefs create working relationships with one another; the SENC Foods Processing and Distribution Program that delivers farm products to restaurants, grocers, schools and hospitals; the Farm-to-School Program that links farmers to schools; and the FEASTDOWNEAST "Buy Local" campaign, which encourages people to buy locally produced foods.

The benefits of a sustainable food system are:

  • Supplies healthy and affordable food for everyone
  • Financially supports farmers, farm workers and other members of the food supply chain
  • Preserves farmland, open spaces and natural wildlife habitats
  • Supports the local economy by sustaining local businesses, keeping tax dollars in our area and creating jobs
  • Maintains and enriches our soil’s fertility
  • Conserves and protects the quality of our water and air
  • Safeguards our biodiversity
  • And minimizes fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

What does it mean to CHOOSE LOCAL?

SENCFS considers Local Food to be that which is grown and harvested within 150 miles of its final destination. This could mean food grown at a traditional farm just down the road, at a home, a local school, community garden or nearby church. When you buy local you can be assured your food is fresher, has traveled fewer miles to get to your plate and you are helping to strengthen the local economy.

Contact SENC Foods Processing & Distribution Center

Contact SENC Foods Processing & Distribution Center

Dr. Leslie Hossfeld
Executive Director
US-17 Business and Wilmington Street
Burgaw, North Carolina  28425


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Services provided in:
  • Pender County, North Carolina