Scotch Land Management, LLC
Scotch has been in the timber-growing business in Southwest Alabama and Southeast Mississippi for over 120 years. A lot has changed, and we’ve changed ourselves with the times. But some things never change…like the value of long-term relationships with people and their property. We provide quality, comprehensive, long-term management services for your land and timber investments.

Today Scotch manages over 415,000 acres of land that is owned by the company stockholders, other private individuals, companies and trusts. For over 120 years our business has been built on integrity and hard work. The Scotch Land Management, LLC team is dedicated to the goals and objectives of the various land owners that are part of our program. Some of our clients have a multiple use concept in mind for their land and are very interested in wildlife and recreational development. Others want to be intensive in their timber management regime and are mainly concerned with financial returns. Which ever direction they choose, Scotch Land Management, LLC can design a Timber Management Plan to accomplish their goals.

Contact Scotch Land Management, LLC

Contact Scotch Land Management, LLC

Steve Crowley
P.O. Box 38
Fulton, Alabama  36446
Phone: 334-636-4424
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