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Teresa Bowen is a Feng Shui consultant, an engineer, a green building design professional, and a healthy home expert. She brings to her Feng Shui consulting services elements of green building science and design, color and light therapy, and remote mapping using GIS systems.

Teresa studied architecture and engineering, earning 2 degrees in civil engineering, and a certificate in green architecture. She worked in the field of water resources engineering for over 25 years. Her science background has helped her approach Feng Shui from a scientific perspective - that is, the healthy skepticism of the scientific approach. Her engineering background, including the study of how rivers move through the landscape, has helped her understand how Qi moves and settles in the environment. Teresa is also a Certified Green Design Professional and a LEED Green Associate.

Contact Scientific Feng Shui

Contact Scientific Feng Shui

Teresa Bowen, MS, PE
Feng Shui Consultant, Certified Green Building Consultant
Davis, California  95618
Cell Phone: (530) 400-6292


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