Satto (Richard) Rugg

Ecological Design for the Human Spirit

Architecture is one of the oldest arts, well respected for millennia. Why? Because it affects every aspect of our lives: work and leisure, public and private, body and soul. Our buildings need to be useful, first of all, practical and efficient. But equally important, the places we inhabit need to nurture the inner self. Beauty, proportion, color, texture - the list goes on and on. Buildings are a microcosm, and must be designed with sensitivity to the human condition.

Bodhgaia Architecture is founded on the principal of designing for the planet, Gaia, with awareness, Bodhi.  As the earth’s population increases and its resources deplete, ecological sustainability becomes not only a goal within our hearts, but a practical necessity for the survival of all. We first ask the question, “What does the land (sky, water...) want?”, and then begin working toward a solution that will accommodate program, energy, economy, and aesthetics.

With a diverse background including building materials, woodworking and solar energy, Richard Rugg (Bodhi Satto) was introduced to the art of architecture through the M.Arch degree program at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCIArc). His first-hand experience of meditation centers and intentional communities around the world now is put to use in the designing of spaces to nourish body, mind and heart.

Contact Satto (Richard) Rugg

Contact Satto (Richard) Rugg

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