Sandhills Area Land Trust

The mission of the Sandhills Area Land Trust is to protect natural areas, open space, and farmland of the Sandhills region through the following efforts and services: Education: Educate landowners, local government, and the public about the need to protect and preserve the region's natural treasures and prime open spaces. Coordination: Link private landowners to the benefits and financial resources for conservation efforts that increase the value and legacy potential of owning private property. Partnering: Partner with the government, private conservation organizations, community groups, and foundations to forge conservation programs, natural area surveys, outreach, and ecosystem projects that leverage more resources and bring them home to the Sandhills. Facilitation: Facilitate implementation of regulations and plans governing such policies as riparian buffers, wetlands restoration, farmland and historic site preservation, biodiversity, and wildlife habitat protection. Administration: Administrate and process the legal documentation and applications for conservation easements and donations of land. Land Acquisition: Acquire donations of and purchase ecologically significant tracts of land and conservation easements in order to preserve it in its natural state. Land Stewardship: Manage our holdings and easements through volunteer efforts, contractors, and cooperation with other conservation organizations in order to maintain the ecological integrity of our parcels of the Sandhills region.

Contact Sandhills Area Land Trust

Contact Sandhills Area Land Trust

Nancy Talton
140 A S.W. Broad Street
PO Box 1032
Southern Pines, North Carolina  28388-1032
Phone: (910) 695-4323
Fax: (910)-695-1087


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