San Rafael Conservation District

The San Rafael Conservation District uses a voluntary, incentive-based approach to protect soil, water, and other natural resources.

The association is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation with the principal purpose of educating and supporting the work of 190 local elected supervisors and their staff. Generally the association and districts' administrative and professional staff are colocated with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service at field offices throughout Utah and include resource coordinators, conservation planners, an engineer, and information and education specialists.

The districts are trusted by private property owners and uniquely positioned to deliver technical and financial assistance available from various state and federal programs and agencies.

The association is the local part of the federal/state/local conservation partnership (Utah Partners for Conservation & Development or UPCD), a partnership committed to providing conservation solutions.

Contact San Rafael Conservation District

PO Box 653
Huntington, Utah  84528
Phone: (435) 687-2136


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Emery County, Utah
  • Sanpete County, Utah
  • Sevier County, Utah