San Pablo Bay Wildlife Area - Marin County

Location and Access:
  • 11,040 acres located in the mudflats and surrounding San Pablo Bay waters in Marin County, between the mouths of the Petaluma River and Gallinas Creek.
  • San Pablo Bay Wildlife Area is accessible by boat only via the Petaluma River. Boat launch ramps are located at the Petaluma Marina and on the west side of the Highway 37 bridge (Black Point Boat Launch Ramp, Harbor Drive, Novato).

Special Regulations for San Pablo Bay Wildlife Area

Authorized Species:
  • Waterfowl, coots, and moorhens.
Method of Take Restrictions:
  • No rifles or pistols may be used or possessed. Target shooting is not allowed.
Hunt Days:
  • Daily during open seasons for authorized species.
  • This is a Type C area, no permits, passes or reservations are required.
  • Blinds shall be available on first-come, first-served basis.
  • Observe all rules and regulations and please be guided by the following:
    • Please observe and respect adjacent private property.
    • Be careful when walking in the area. There are many small ditches used for mosquito control. Use caution when wading in ponds or sloughs. Pond and slough bottoms are soft and irregular.
    • Be aware of tidal changes as many of the sloughs are affected and are not navigable on minus tides. When anchoring boats along main sloughs allow enough anchor chain for water level changes, and enough room for other boats to navigate.
    • Camping is not allowed on the area.
    • No littering! Please remove all your trash including empty shot shells from your blind and hunting area before leaving. Personal property may not be left on State Wildlife Areas (this includes duck hunting blinds or fishing shack materials). Decoys may not be left in the field overnight.
General California Department of Fish and Wildlife Wildlife Area Regulations - please refer to the Hunting and other Public Uses on State and Federal Areas regulation booklet, or consult Title 14 Section 550 and 551 Wildlife Areas, for a complete list.

Special Restrictions:
  • Dogs are allowed only for hunting or when under immediate control.
  • The use of boats may be restricted to certain zones designated by the department. Boat speed shall not exceed five miles per hour.
For additional information contact the Bay Delta Region headquarters at (707) 944-5500.

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Contact San Pablo Bay Wildlife Area - Marin County

Contact San Pablo Bay Wildlife Area - Marin County

Scott Wilson
Acting Regional Manager - Bay Delta Region
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