Sam Knowlton

Whole Systems Design

Within natural systems all components are interdependent, each utilizing the waste products of the other. In such a way, there is no final waste products of these systems, and instead only a state of dynamic abundance and regeneration. Harmonic Ecological Design mimics such systems, unlike traditional design approaches that seek only to fulfill one or two stated goals, and thus impoverish the natural capital and capacity of a given site. Through designs that integrate such factors as rainfall, solar orientation, plant guilds and the interplay of other natural elements, we create projects that are both highly efficient and thus highly productive.

  • Site assessment
  • Detailed graphic and textual design
  • Master planning

Harmonic Ecological Design combines its significant in house resources with a range of consultants and partners at the top of their fields, with our aim to always provide the highest quality service on every project.

Contact Sam Knowlton

Contact Sam Knowlton

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