Sam D. Crawford, ACF

Association of Consulting Foresters As a third generation woodsman, Sam is proud of his family’s quote “some say we were born with resin in our blood” to describe his dedication and knowledge of the forest product industry.  Sam began his career in forestry in high school working in the woods painting boundary lines, scaling logs, or helping foresters mark or cruise timber. His formal education includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Forest-Business from Louisiana Tech University and a Masters Degree in Forest-Business from Mississippi State University. Upon graduation from Mississippi State in 1978, he worked as a Forest Economist for one of the nation’s largest timber companies and as Raw Materials Manager for a manufacturer of hardwood flooring. With extensive experience in both forest management and timber procurement, Sam was uniquely qualified to become a forestry consultant when he acquired the business in 1984.

Contact Sam D. Crawford, ACF

Contact Sam D. Crawford, ACF

Bird & Crawford Forestry
Principal / Vice President / Forester
9434 Paxton Road
Shreveport, Louisiana  71106
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